Pre-Order Terms

Placing a subscription for a pre-order gives the stated customer the opportunity to complete a hard copy pre-order.

The hard copy pre-order grants the signatory the exclusive right to purchase one new Mobius II production vehicle on a pre-ordered, reservation basis from the next production batch. Pre-order customers are guaranteed a unit starting sales price of not higher than 1,300,000 KES (One million, three hundred thousand Kenyan Shillings), including VAT. When you submit your subscription form for a pre-order, you will be contacted by Mobius sales staff to complete a hard copy pre-order. This hard copy pre-order remains valid provided it's signed and returned to Mobius Motors within 8 (eight) days after the date of receipt.

The customer signatory must provide an official bank receipt to the stated Mobius representative verifying a refundable Reservation Payment of 50,000 KES (fifty thousand Kenyan Shillings) to the Mobius Motors Kenya Limited corporate bank account indicated in the hard copy pre-order within 14 (fourteen) days of the agreement date for the agreement to be valid. Failure to do so will result in the pre-order agreement becoming null and void with immediate effect.

Detailed Terms

Thank you for your interest in buying a next-generation Mobius II vehicle. When you submit the online subscription form for a pre-order, you will be contacted by Mobius sales staff to complete a hard copy pre-order. By placing a hard copy pre-order reservation, you (the Customer) will secure a specific reservation number to purchase a future Mobius II production vehicle. Your reservation becomes effective when Mobius receives your Reservation Payment, i.e. the pre-order deposit. The deposit is fully refundable until 30 (thirty) days after the Notification of Estimated Delivery (see term 1).

  1. The customer will pay the remaining balance for the vehicle on/prior to finished vehicle delivery. Once the customer receives Notification of Estimated Delivery from Mobius, the customer has to sign a separate final sales agreement at a Mobius Sales Centre and make a down payment. The deposit of the pre-order will become part of the down payment according to the binding sales agreement. The customer is required to pay the remaining balance within 30 (thirty) days to complete full payment of the ordered vehicle.
  2. The Registration of the vehicle cannot be done before full payment is made. The registration can be done by the customer directly or with support from Mobius. Special requests regarding the registration (e.g. special number plates) are to be paid for by the customer. The delivery/hand-over of the vehicle will be done at a Mobius Sales & Service Centre.
  3. Should the vehicle not be ready for delivery by December 31st 2017 (except for in case of term 4) the customer may either a) maintain the right to purchase one Mobius production vehicle or b) receive a full refund on their Reservation Payment.
  4. Refunds will not be available should delivery of vehicle be delayed past the above date due to Acts of God (including fire, flood, or other natural disaster), civil unrest, acts of foreign enemies, terrorist activities, or port blockage in Kenya or supplier regions. In such an event Mobius will resume operations at the conclusion of the incident and a new delivery date will be set.
  5. The Mobius II production vehicle will incorporate several design improvements to enhance performance, durability, and safety. The revised detailed specifications of the Production vehicle will be released no later than at the time of the Notification of Estimated Delivery to the customer. Any customisation to the vehicle is the responsibility of the customer, and can only be done after delivery of the vehicle. The customer is not entitled to choose a specific chassis number. The final design, features, colours, specifications and MSRP (Manufacturer's suggested Retail Price) are subject to change.
  6. The customer is entitled to transfer his or her pre-order to another person. A pre-order transfer must be initiated by the customer through a prior email to Mobius stating the pre-order number contact detail and full contact details of the person to whom the pre-order will get transferred. In order to execute the notified pre-order transfer, the existing customer AND the new customer must both come in person to the Mobius head office in order to cancel the previous pre-order and sign a new pre-order. The pre-order number and additional agreements can be transferred to the advantage of the new customer with the written approval of Mobius only (signature of Commercial/Sales Management is obligatory).
  7. If a pre-order is not executed (i.e. turned into a sales order) and the customer did not send a cancellation to Mobius Motors Ltd., the pre-order is automatically transferred to the next production/next generation of vehicles. The customer remains the right to cancel the new pre-order as stated in these terms (see above).