Benson Kinyua's Story

Meet Benson. Benson is a successful Kenyan entrepreneur who owns a transport company in Nairobi. His business, La-Playa tours, has grown rapidly and now manages 20 vehicles.

Over the past few years Benson's business has started to diversify its fleet and broaden the reach of its transportation services into the surrounding areas of the city, where road infrastructure quickly becomes much more degraded.

Benson Kinyua's Business

Benson's tired of replacing shocks and flat tires on his foreign-made cars, so he ordered a Mobius II (first-generation).

With a strong chassis and excellent ground clearance, Mobius II outperforms Benson's current vehicles, helping lower his business' operating costs. With the money he plans to save on repairs, Benson hopes to invest in more Mobius vehicles for his fleet. Compared to the sedan vehicles he currently uses, Mobius II is more affordable both to purchase, and to operate.

As an entrepreneur, Benson will use his Mobius II vehicle to continue expanding his business into new areas of the transport industry.