Dan Odero's Story

Meet Dan. Dan is a hydrogeologist, working to construct boreholes, dams and bridges all across Kenya. Because he manages multiple teams in different locations, Dan frequently travels long distances often over very rough terrain.

Dan's company uses lots of heavy machinery and operates in hard-to-reach areas of the country. As Kenya continues to develop, Dan hopes that his business will continue to grow until even the most remote areas of the country have access to resources and markets.

Dan Odero's Business

Dan appreciates simple design. He wants a vehicle that can fulfill its purpose, and save him money.

When he first saw a Mobius II (first-generation), Dan was instantly attracted to its minimalist features and began thinking of ways to modify its open design plan to suit the needs of his business. When Dan gets a Mobius, he plans to install a drilling rig in the back so that he can easily transport his equipment to and from work sites.

In the end, Dan needs a vehicle that improves his productivity. For him, this is a Mobius.