Juhudi Kilimo's Story

Meet Juhudi Kilimo. Juhudi Kilimo provides asset based loans and basic business and finance training to smallholder farmers and enterprises that allow them to purchase wealth generating financial solutions for their agribusiness.

Juhudi focuses on rural farmers with specific attention to women and youth. Rural asset financing is an innovative approach to poverty alleviation providing smallholder farmers with access to wealth-creating assets (such as cows or irrigation systems) that generate the income required to repay small loans.

Juhudi Kilimo's Business

Juhudi Kilimo chose to order Mobius II (first-generation) because their main operations are based throughout rural areas of Kenya.

Juhudi doesn't need frills or luxury add-ons in their vehicles - they need a car they can rely on in any condition. That car is Mobius. The simplicity of Mobius' design, coupled with its serious loading capacity and heavy duty suspension enable Juhudi Kilimo and their farmers to transport agricultural equipment, livestock and food over long distances more effectively.

In the future, Juhudi Kilimo expects to see a Mobius vehicle operating at each of their field offices across Kenya, helping connect farmers to the services they need.