Mobius is not just another car manufacturer, at each step in the process they have reframed the way vehicles are built and sold around the needs of the local customer - away from the import-dependent model common across the continent today.
From a blank sheet of paper, the new Mobius II has been designed from the very beginning to meet the unique demands of the Kenyan and African environment. It has the rigidity, agility and robustness to deal with challenging terrain combined with the reliability and durability that is vital when operating in an off-road environment. All those aspects have been achieved while retaining the unique Mobius core elements and values.
Mobius vehicles are manufactured in a purpose built cutting-edge production facility in Nairobi. From chassis and frame, through paint shop and then onto general assembly, World Class experts and Kenyan top-talents work together to produce a vehicle to meet the needs and demands of our customers. Using internationally recognised Quality Control Standards, each vehicle is rigidly tested before it is allowed to leave the factory.
The journey you take by entering the Mobius world redefines the way you live mobility.
Mobius Sales & Service Centers are designed to welcome you in an unique new atmosphere in order to make every visit a pleasurable experience.
Our vehicles are distributed through an exclusive Mobius network to ensure that we meet and maintain the highest standards.
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